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High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon Ambush

Postponed until 2022


The first annual High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon “Cougar Ambush” was be held in August 2021, in Redmond, Oregon. We have decided to put this event on hold for 2021 due to the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will have to push the First Annual HDCC Cougar Ambush back to August of 2022, when everyone has a chance to get vaccinated.

Well, we guess this gives us more time to make sure we get this first event right. We are just sorry that we all couldn’t gather here for this event this year.

High Dersert Cougar Club of Oregon Cougar Ambush 2021

Past Events

2019 Terrebonne Cruz-In & High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon BBQ

Terrebonne & Redmond, Oregon

August 16, 2019

2019 All Ford Picnic & Car Show

Champeog Park in St. Paul, Oregon

August 11, 2019

2018 Terrebonne Cruz-In

Terrebonne, Oregon

August 28, 2018