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1999 Cougars

If you are a member of the High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon and would like to see your car on this page, send a picture of your classic 1999 Mercury Cougar to the webmaster and we will post a picture of your awesome car on this page.

Please include the following:

  • HDCC Membership Number
  • First & Last Name
  • Year & Model of your Cougar
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Style
  • Name of Cougar (if applicable)
  • City & State (and country if not in the US)
Conan Tigard

Conan Tigard


HDCC #10 | Steve Brown | 1999 Mercury Cougar

Exterior: Ash Gold Clearcoat Metallic | Interior: Medium Parchment Leather

Location: Salem, Oregon

HDCC #1 Conan Tigard 1999 Mercury Cougar