If you are a member of the High Desert Cougar Club of Oregon and would like to see your car on these pages, send a picture of your classic Mercury Cougar to the webmaster and we will post a picture of your ride on the appropriate page.

Please include the following:

  • HDCC Membership Number
  • First & Last Name
  • Year & Model of your Cougar
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Style
  • Name of Cougar (if applicable)
  • City & State (and country if not in the US)

See the example below to see how this information will be displayed.

If you do not see a page for your year of Cougar, that means that no one has submitted a Cougar for that year. We will happily create a new page for your year of Cougar once we receive the image with the information.

Picture Requirements: The image must be at least 1100 pixels wide and a couple of MB in size (no tiny pictures as we want it to go all the way across the page). No vertical pictures, they must be horizontal (landscape). The picture should be tasteful and feature your Cougar (a nice close-up is best).

Member’s Cars Example

HDCC# 0 | Chester McTester | 1969 Mercury Cougar | “Snoopy”

Exterior: White w/ Black Vinyl Top | Interior: White Vinyl

Location: Solvang, California

HDCC #0 Conan Tigard 1969 Mercury Cougar